Here are some of the answers to the most frequent questions we get asked at Fresh Wed Wedding Films. If you cannot find the answer to the question you have or simply want a chat please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Q: How do we confirm the booking?

A: Your 25% deposit confirms the booking and reserves the date for you. To request an invoice please get in touch.

Q: How long does it take to receive our film after the wedding?

A: We guarantee delivery of the film to you within 14 days, it’s normally a few days earlier. Some couples ask us to hold on to the films until they return from their honeymoon which we can happily accommodate. Alternatively, they could be sent to a trusty friend or family member so they are waiting for you on your return.

Q: Will we get to meet you before the wedding?

A: Yes, we always meet all our couples before their wedding day. Some couples like to meet us before they book and some like to wait till nearer the day. However it happens, we always meet couples before their big day.

If the wedding is in the distance and you still have a lot of planning to do, we can meet now to confirm some details, then go over the finer details near the time.

Q: Are you discrete on the day, will we notice you?

A: You will notice us! Our wedding videographers are not invisible, but we can be as discrete or as involved as you like. Most people prefer a discrete approach to filming while other couples embrace a camera right in the action.

Our main camera’s have a 20x optical zoom which enables us to stay well back and still film all the best bits, in fact we often get the best bits when people don’t know they are being filmed.

All of this will be discussed at your initial meeting to ensure we have just the right level of interaction on your special wedding day.

Q: How many cameras do you use?

A: The amount can vary and we can add or remove cameras as you please. Our general set up includes three 4K cameras either or a tri-pod or in handy cam mode. We also use a DSLR on a motorised gimbal for those perfectly smooth cinematic shots. We have the option of aerial filming and a multitude of cranes, smaller cameras and action cameras should they be required.

The minimum number of cameras we would bring is four.

Q: How many cameramen attend on the day?

A: We always prefer two wedding videographers working together and all of our packages include two videographers. It guarantees those perfect shots from both angles and gives an excellent safety net to ensure your film is perfect throughout.

Whilst doable alone, its not an easy task operating four cameras and it certainly doesn’t attract the best results.

Q: Will our wedding film be in DVD or Blu Ray format?

A: That is entirely up to you. Of course Blu Ray is better quality and we would much prefer to deliver your film at the highest quality. However, we do understand some people have yet to adopt this technology and are happy to provide the films in DVD format.

In any case, you will be provided with a USB stick containing the wedding film in stunning Full HD 1080P to view on your computer or compatible TV.

Q: When do we need to pay?

A: Your 25% deposit confirms the booking and reserves the date for you, on a first come first served basis.

The final payment is due no later than 28 days before the wedding.

Q: Can you do aerial filming at our wedding?

A: That’s a big question and a very popular one. Essentially we have the skills and tools but there is some lengthly legislation that needs to be adhered to.

If you have a venue that is surround by fields, is out in the countryside or has a fairly large grounds then its quite possible we will be able to use UAV’s to capture aerial imagery.

As a general rule if the venue is in a built up area with busy roads and property nearby it is unlikely we will be able to fly there, but we could look at alternatives to capture an aerial or high level shot.

In any case a full risk assessment must be conducted first as outlined be the CAA.

Get in touch, give us the location and we’ll check it out for you.

Q: Are you pilots insured and CAA approved?

A: Our in-house pilots is fully insured to £5million public liability and CAA approved for UAV aircraft up to 7kg, with special permissions for night flights. In the rare circumstance that we employ a freelance pilot to work with us, they must carry at least the same level of permissions and insurance. 


Q: Will we have to pay for your food on the day?

A: Quite simply, no. We don’t expect any couples to provide us with food at all. If you want to you can and we’ll gladly eat with you or in a separate area but don’t feel you have to, we are just as happy bringing our own food or find something at the bar.

Q: What if we don’t like the edit of the film?

A: We do everything in our power to ensure we understand your expectations and desires before the filming and editing of your film. We always meet up with couples before the wedding day so we can understand your personalities and wishes. The way we intend to edit the film can effect the method of shooting we use on the day.

To date, we have not had a single complaint or any negative feedback and that is the way we would like to keep it.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your film we will discuss the best course of action to take, minor tweaks are usually possible but please bear in mind a total re-edit may be chargeable, which is why we try out best to gather as much information about what you want well before the wedding day.

Q: What will you staff wear on the day of the wedding?

A: Our staff will be dressed how you want. Our standard dress code is ‘Suited and Booted’ as this suits most weddings and helps us blend in. However, if you have a theme you would like us to adhere to, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Do you disappear after the first dance?

A: And miss the best bits? We are flexible and our number one aim is to capture the day perfectly. If that means waiting for the beautiful sunset in the distance, the fireworks, the dance around the fire or some other crazy idea you may have then we wont want to miss out.

If you have something specific you want filming later on then let us know, keep us informed and tell us about the surprises you have planned. All of this will help plan our day effectively.

Q: Will I be charged more for the package if you are there longer?

A: We always try to be accommodating and flexible to couples needs, we understand that it rarely runs perfectly to plan and sometimes timings will change. We are not about to walk out because you told us it would finish and 9pm but the Groom needs a little lay down before the first dance.

We try and be as thorough as possible when asking questions at the initial meeting so we understand the flow of the day and what is expected, all we ask is that you are as descriptive as possible with us then so we can plan effectively.

In extreme circumstances where a very long day or an overnight stop is required there may be additional charges, but this is something we would discuss before the booking was accepted.